Saturday 20 February 2016


Posted '10:41am bells' Saturday 20th February 2016

In October aa got a letter from work which said aa would get a £250 Xmas bonus SHUD the company reach certain targets!

In December anothaa letter arrived on mee doormat which said that the 'target' had failed to be met, but az a gesture of 'goodwill' (az it waz Xmas!) aa would receive a £100 bonus instead in the form of shoppin' vouchers! (which waz spent by 'wor lass' on a new micro-wave oven!)

This iz despite me and othaas who work there, 'graftin' wor b*llocks off', workin' 12 hour shifts---in my case drivin' a truck from Gatesheed to Reddidch in deepest Worcestershire 4 nights a week, a 440 mile roond trip and (at least) 8 and a half hours drivin' time, Munday to Thorsday!

In complete contrast, take wor futbaall team who are withoot a fixture for the next 2 weekend coz we have been knocked oot of the 2 domestic cup competitions!
In the case of the FA Cup--the FOURTH year in a row we have been knocked oot at the forst hordle!

The players REWARD for wor disastrous season iz a aall expenses paid trip to La Manga in southern Spain for some waam weather train' and a friendly against Lillestrom of Norway this afternoon ('2 bells' GMT)  (If I had my way, they would have been off to northern NORWAY for this game after the 'performance'? against Chelski!--- ie: LAPLAND!)

The change of scenery we are told will do them the world of good, in this pollution free environment and of course a nice warm climate to play in! (and 3, 18 hole golf courses to pass the free time away!)

In complete contrast, wor next game iz away against 'The Piss Potters of Stoke' on a freeezin' caad March night---and I can tell yoo that this place definitely ISNT 'scenic' or 'pollution free' and haz 3 major duel carriageways suroondin' the groond which are aalway packed with traffic belchin' oot their fumes into the atmosphere!---and to top it aall!---hardly any pubs anywhere near the grooond!---a horrible place to visit---I can tell yoo!

ie: From a nice waam environment to a freeezin' caad 'hell hole' iz NOT the best preparation for wor next match ---iz it????

Anyway!--we have taken a 26 man squad to La Manga and yoo can bet your bottom dollar that at least 22 of them will feature in this meaningless friendly to be played on 'PITCH 'A' of the complex!

Apparently the game iz live on some Norwegian channel---if yoo can find it???

'The Wally (withoot) the Brolly' haz aalso set a new target of 40 points to avoid the dreaded drop---a far cry from the beginnin' of the season when he promised us a "Top 8 finish!" and "A go at one of the cups!"---empty promises from an EMPTY HEAD!


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