Friday 12 February 2016


Posted '1:00pm bells' Friday 12th February 2016

We face wor last trip to 'the smoke' this season tomorrow, when we heed for Stamford Bridge in "west Landan" where we face 'The Chelski Pensioners' <(their original nickname!)

With aall the hype aboot the high ticket prices at Liverpool, it shud be noted that wors are a woppin' £55 (the same az last season!) for a view from behind the corner flag of 'The Shed End'
There are ne plans we understand to walk oot in the FIFTY FIFTH minute, but dependin' on the scoreline that could well happen anyway---shud wor abysmal away form continue!

The train prices arnt exactleee cheap eetha at £68 (that's WITH a railcard givin' 33% off!) and add in the cost of a hotel az we can't get back on the train (Match finishes approx. '7:20 bells'--last train from King's Cross tomorrow iz '7:50 bells'! due to line work (again!) --NE CHANCE of makin' it!

The thick end of £200 iz therefore required to attend this match when yoo add in food and drink and more drink!

"Why don't yoo stay here and watch it on the telly and save yourself a fortune, yoo daft idiot!" someone said to me in 'The Strawberry' last week!---why not indeed???

A full match report will appear here on eethaa Sunday neet or Munday mornin'!

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