Monday 1 February 2016


Updated 'high noon bells' Munday 1st February 2016

Wor quest for an out and out striker gans on and on, followin' the akwassisson  <(we naa aall the big words, but divvint naa how to spelll them!) of Jonjo Chelvney, Henri Saivet and Andros Toonsend so far in the transfor window!
Toonsend can play up front but iz a winger by choice, so a proven centre forward iz a 'must' to stave off the threat of trips to MK Dons and the likes, next season!

Speculation iz rife az to who we may (or may not!) sign, includin' Loic Remy from Chelski and Berahino from WBA, but these look to be 'dead in the water' az we speak!
A bid of £21 million waz reportedly rejected for Berahino yesterday and we understand that we have upped this to £24 million today!

The deadline iz '11:00pm bells' toneet so we'd better get wor skates on!
Super flop Flo Thauvin iz heedin' back to Marseille from whence he came (on loan) and 'past hiz sell by date' Mike Williamson haz signed for Wolves

Meenwhile!--Man City's 4-0 win at Villa in the FA Cup on Saturday meenz that there iz 'ne chance' of us fittin' them in on '5th roond day' az waz speculated, shud they have lost!
This meenz that we anly have 3 games now in the whole of February---Everton on Wednesday, WBA next Saturday and Chelski a week later on the 13th!--and nothin' at aall in the 2nd half of the month!

PS: A'v got to gan to graft this afternoon and there will be ne forthaa updates til tomorrow dinnaatime when the deadline iz ower! 
Remember wor motto: "We will bring yoo the news second hand, forst!" (or shud that be "Forst hand, second"?)  

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