Saturday 26 December 2015


Posted '10:03am bells' Boxin' Day 2015

We gan into today's game with a shockin' stat---we have won just 7 leegue games oot of 36 in this 'calender year', so far!--and failure to win wor last 2 games of the year against 'The Toffee Noses' this evenin' and 'The BaggieTroosers' on Munday afternoon will mean that we will have won the least number of games in a 1 year period in livin' memory!
(9 games iz wor previous worst since the 2nd World War ended 70 years ago!)

Quite simply, we must win today or face the prospect of faallin back into 'the quagmire zone' once again!
Some of wor players divvint help the cause by boastin' that we won't be in a relegation battle come the end of the season (Coloccini) and that we will finish in the top TEN come May (Mbemba!) 

The sad reality though---IZ!-- we WILL be in the relegation 'dog fight' for the rest of the season, az with just 4 wins oot of 17 so far this season, this tells yoo that for certain!----UNLESS! ---'The Fat Controller' 'puts hiz hands in hiz pockets' to buy some quality players in the January transfor window!

WILL he 'gamble' on 'The Brolly-less Wally' 'to keep us up' with the present mediocre squad--OR!--will he spend some of hiz vast fortune on makin' sure we divvint gan doon?---we shall soon find oot!

With just 17 points from 17 games it doesn't take a mathematical genius to work oot that this iz an average of just ONE point per game <(me finx?) and by the end of the season at this rate we will end up with 38 points from the 38 games played!---relegation form in any othaa season! (We ended up with 39 points last season and just avoided 'the drop' on the very last day!)

Wot will happen on this rain sodden Boxin' Day???---it's anybody's guess???---and az we've said so many times in the past---this IZ NUFC and anything can happen!

A full match report will appear here on Sunday!---lets hope it's a 'MERRY XMAS' after aall!

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