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Posted '1:15pm bells' Thorsday 3rd December 2015
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"My excuse THIS time?"---"The ball was the wrong shape!"
Followin' on from Palace's record 5-1 win in The Premyaa Leegue against 'us'! and wor record defeat against 'them' (wor previous worst waz a 3-1 revorse!), we face a rejuvenated Scouse outfit who won 6-1 @ Sooothampton in the Leegue Cup qwaataa finals on Wednesday neet!So shud we lose heavily on Sunday (az iz expected by many!) then McClaren haz a ready made excuse, pointin' to 'The Liverbirds' huge win on the south coast az the reason, when he does hiz usual 'smiley' post match interview on the telly!

Things are so desperate @ The Toon that we have recalled Mike Williamson from hiz loan spell at Wolves to try and shore up wor 'sieve like' defence! <(the same 'Mike Williamson' who we tried to sell in the summer az he waz deemed "Surplus to requirements!")

Havin' won just 19% of wor games this calendar year, which iz the worst in wor entire 123 year history!, we look for just wor FOURTH leegue win of the year @ SJP and SECOND home win of this season!
(This iz wor EIGHTH home game, by the way!)

To get that 'top 8' finish which we were promised in September (see article below!) we need to average TWO points a game til the end of the season!---which iz 'title winnin' form'!!!
Az wor average so far iz HALF A POINT a game, then that 'promise' looks a bit 'broken' at the minute---divvint yoo 'fink'???

More to follow on aall this dribble in the next couple of days!

Updated 'high noon bells' Friday

'The Wally (withoot!) the Brolly's desperate, depressin' and bizarre quotes:

After the 5-1 defeat at Palace he said: "That was not us!, That is not Newcastle United!" <(So if it's 'not Newcastle United' then I wasted approx. £150 on tickets, travel, food and beer and got oot of bed at '3:30 bells' in the mornin' to travel doon to London to watch anothaa team!---Who the hell waz I watchin' then, Steve??? 

"Nobody is happy at this football club!" <(Tooo true!)

"All of a sudden we have went three steps forward and five or six steps back!" <(ONE step forward---TEN steps back, more like!)

"People question a lack of fight and character from these players and it appears that way!" <(Doesn't say much aboot your leadership then, does it?)

"But these are young players, this is what they are going through!" <(The clubs policy IZ to buy YOUNG PLAYERS!---yoo knew that when yoo took the job!)

"We believe in these players, but confidence is very fragile!" <(WHY!?--It's surely your job to instil some confidence in them!!!---Yoo ARE the 'gaffer' after aall!)

Footnote: Mike Williamson who waz recalled from Wolves because of wor injury crisis will MISS the game on Sunday az he tweeked hiz hamstring just minutes after returnin' for trainin'!---Yoo coulnd'nt make it up! <(not that he's much good anyway!)

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