Monday 26 January 2015


Posted '10:39am bells' Munday 26th January 2015

We are nuw into the last week of the transfor window and it looks very (very!) likely that there will be ne new NUFC manager or new players in place by the time the window closes!
On the ootgoin' side however, anythin' iz possible and divvint be surprised if there iz some activity on the very last day to forthaa 'fatten' 'The Fat Controller's' wallet!

We have yet anothaa 'free week' to prepare for wor visit to Hull next Saurday where we play 'Broken Nosed Bruce's Tiger Lillys' in wot iz nuw a 'must not lose' game!

We are just 8 points aheed of 'Brucey's Boys' and 10 of the very bottom place held by Lestaa City!

We reeely shud have strengthened wor squad but 'financial restraints' on the 3rd best supported club in Britain and 19th richest club in the world, meeen that we must (most likely?) 'plod on and 'hope for the best'! <("suck it and see!") >>>

The players and staff are nuw back from their 'warm weathaa trainin' in Dubai to 'freeezin' cold trainin' in Benton and a calamitous sign of this iz the fact that Man City did exactly the same thing az us last week in Dubai and then lost 2-0 to 'The Smog Monsters' in the FA Cup @ 'The Emptyad Stadium' <(it waz nearly empty by the end of the match!)

(Lets hope we don't befall the same fate!)

The Top 5 Average Attendances in Britain:

1 Man U *** 75,339
2 The Arse *** 59,983
3 THE TOON *** 51,168
4 Man C *** 45,502
5 The Liverbirds *** 44,684

'The Geordie Times' stat man iz currentleee compilin' the latest list of world average gates---watch this space!---list will be updated sometime this week!  

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