Friday 28 December 2012


Updated '10:40am bells' Friday 28th December 2012

We have now reached the halfway point of the season and are languishin' in 15th place in the table with just 20 points on the board from 19 games played and are just 5 points above 'the abyss'!

"The wheel's come off!"
Add in the fact that we havvent won ONE solitary away game oot of 14 played in Leegue, Cup and Europe, meens we are fightin' for wor lives once again and it 'wheely' >>>>>>>>>>>>>
isn't good enough! (sic!)

We can anly hope that wor 'beloved'? owner puts hiz hand in hiz pocket in the January transfor window, 'before the wheels come off', but the likelihood iz we will SELL 'yee naa who' before we BUY!

How can it be that a club who iz the THORD best supported in Britain iz in this predicament again???
We had 50,000 (plus) against QPR in the pourin' rain just three days before Xmas, yet we cannit seem to compete with clubs with half wor support!

'The Arse' iz next on wor away list tomorrow, but if we play like we did @ 'The Theatre of Muppets' on Boxin' Day then we have a chance!
BUT!---this IZ! NUFC divvint forget and anythin' cud happen!
"ANYTHING! can happen in the next 90 minutes!"

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