Friday 14 December 2012


Updated '9:35am bells' Saturday 15th December 2012

@ 'din dins time' tooday we face 'The Blue Moonies' of Manc-land @ St James' Park for a '12:45 bells' start < (where DO 'SKY' get theeze ridiculous kick off times from?) (it's live on SKY 2)

The Champions of England havvent been beaten away from home for EIGHT months and havvent conceded a goal on their travels in their last THREE games and in total this season have anly conceded FIVE away goals since August!
On top of THAT!--- WE! havvent beaten them in the last TEN attempts home or away which includes FIVE successive defeats!

SO! that's an easy THREE points for us then!!!???

We expect more or less the same team to line up who lost 2-1 against 'The Wacko Jacko Jivers' in Fulham last Monday neet and we can anly hope that wor result and results later on ower the weekend gan wor way, or else we will end up in 'the abyss', come Sunday neet!
The match iz STILL not a selloot az I write and a smaall number of tickets remain on sale!

Footnote: For thoze of yoo who divvint live here and are travellin' up for the game from otha parts of the country, we can tell yoo that last neet the weather waz very inclement! (ie: "it waz f*****' p*ssin' doon!") and the 'Chris'mis Party Season' in 'The Toon' had got off to a 'damp squib' with the boozers anly half full/empty last neet, when they were expected to be 'chocker'!

However!---this mornin' iz a totally different day and the old 'current bun' haz made an appearance in the blue sky above St James' and the rain haz stopped az well!
Most 'liquid lubrication locations' are openin' @ 'ten bells' this mornin', in antisssipation of the orly kick off time!

Match report az per usual, to follow much later!

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