Saturday 16 July 2011


Posted '9:10 am bells' Saturday 16th July 2011
An unfortun-ate pitch invasion by some Toon
'brain-deed' idiots marred this friendly fixture with many of them hardly able to stand! ("Er!---aa was a little bit better than that!")

With the backin' of six thoosand plus fans and wearin' wor new bright orange change kit, we took the lead with just three minutes on the clock with a fine Joey Barton effort.

It stayed that way til the hour mark when sub Sammy Ameobi came on to chants of: "If Sammy scores we're on the pitch!"  
He did! and this resulted in the 'said invasion' from aroond 500 or so of the 'braindeed' variety, most of them not much older than 'school age'
Ten minutes  passed before the pitch was cleared by 'The Dibble' and match stewards and the game thankfully resumed after quite a few were carted off to the local nick!

In total 22 players were used, includin' the French duo of Yohan Cabaye and Mehdi Abeid, who of course were mekin' their dubuts 

Attendance: 9,721 (6,000 Toon fans)(500 'braindeed' idiots!) 

Today the Toon resorves play Berwick in Tweedmooth and lets hope the same thing doesn't happen up there this afternoon! (Er!---see Berwick report from 1978 below!)

I'm back on the train again at 'eleven bells' (after gettin' off the Darlo train at eleven thorty last neet!) and this time we heed north instead of south!

Again!---match report to follow much later!

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