Tuesday 19 July 2011


Posted '9:45 bells' Tuesday 19th July 2011

Like Joey Barton, Nile Ranger and Yohan Cabaye, I winnit be gannin to 'The States' for wor pre season tour tomorrow, due to work commitments and financial considerations <(I'm NOT! in the 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire', league!) and aa simply cannit afford to tek ten days off graft to gan.

I worked it oot that if me and wor lass went, it would cost us £2,000 each for hotels and the (possible) ten flight 'nightmare' (I divvint like flyin'!) and with spendin' money and lost wages added on, yi taalkin aboot a £5,000 outlay at least! (That's roughleee EIGHT THOOSAND DOLLARS! ($8,000!) to wor American friends!

However!--- if anybody is willin' to lend/give! me the 'bit', we could catch a flight to Kansas tomorrow in time for the forst match! (any offers???)----(the silence iz 'deafenin'!!!)

But fear not!-- I do have contingency plans in place to 'slum it' and gan to at least ONE of the resorves pre season games on their tour of Holland and so get at least one new groond under mee belt! (the tour was annoonced just last week, givin' us virtually ne time to organise things!)

It's ironic to say the least that the Toonhoppers who ARE gannin' to the USA (seven, that aa naa of!) will miss the games in Holland as they are bein' played in the same time period!

Aa meen!--yi cannit be in two places at the same time!---can yi!!!???

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