Wednesday 9 March 2011

THE TOON Resorves 2 THE ARSE Resorves 1

Posted '11:20pm bells' Wednesday 9th March

St James' 
waz the settin' for a rare event toneet!-----The resorves were playin' their forst home league game in front of a crowd for SIX MONTH'S! v Arsenal's '2nd string'

Sadly, the club had previously deemed that we were not welcome for 'the most part' at wor normal resorve venue of Darsley Park in Benton and had played the last few games behind closed doors!

It waz FREE! to get in for the '7 bells' kick off and ower 2,000 took advantage as 'The Toon ran oot 2-1 winners on a freezin' caad neet!

Greg McDermott (son of Terry) opened the scorin' from 12 yards oot for Newcastle and we went in 1-0 to the good at 'half time bells'

The Londoners equalised in the 54th minute through Tosh Rees, but Phil Airey 'saved the day' with a powerful heeder in stoppage time to win it for us in spectacular fashion!.

In total, 2,462 'freebeez' were there, includin' 2 from 'The Arse', who were constantly ridiculed by the home fans throughoot the match!

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