Tuesday 7 May 2024


 Posted '1:22pm bells' Tuezday 7th May 2024

Moan Us 4-0 hammerin at Palliss last neet meeenz that NUFC are on course to qualify for at least The UEFA Conference Leegue and hopefully The Europa Leegue!

Win wor last 3 games and nowt can stop us, however we have Chelseee on a good run breathin doon wor necks and so it iz vital that we beat Brightin on Saturday at SJP and get at least a draw at The Theatre of Muppets a week on Wedinzday and hope that Moan U lose to The Arse on Sunday, which iz highly likely!

That sequence would meeen that we will definately finish above both Moan U and Chelseee---the anly 2 team that can realistally owertake NUFC! (Chelseee play Forest away on Saturday, who are fightin for their Premyaa Leegue lives!)

We have to hope az well that Man Citih beat Moan U in the FA Cup final later this month---coz if Moan U win it and finish 8th, they will qualify for The Europa Leegue and the team that finishes 6th will gan into The UEFA Conference Leegue!

The team that finishes 7th in that situation WILL NOT qualify for any European compitition!

Realalisticalleeee  we won't catch Sporz az 2 of their 3 remainin' games are against relegation certainties The Bornley Hillbillies and The Blade Runners of Sheffeeeld

Mathematically Brightin could equal wor points tally BUT we have a 26 goal difference ower them SO the lowest we could possibly finish iz 8th and the highest iz 5th shud Spurz 'cockerel it up!

Updated Wedinzday

AND JUSTICE HAZ BEEN DONE! for that dodgy penalty in stoppage time for PSG v NUFC in Paris!
Champions Leegue semi final 2nd leg.  DORTMUND win 2-0 on aggregate!

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