Friday 10 May 2024


 Posted '1:40pm bells' Friday 10th May 2024

               (PHOTO TAKEN BY ‘WOR LASS’!)

NUFC are attemptin' to score for the 19th home game in a row in The Premya Leegue tomorrow against Brightin!----We have never done this before in The Premyaa Leegue era!

If we succeed it will be the forst time that we have scored in EVERY home game in the top flight since the 1958-1959 season!  (We did it az well in the 1982-1983 season, but that woz in the old 2nd Division!)

Kieran Trippier haz been spotted in trainin and could be included in the squad for wor last home game of the season!

Fab Schar won’t feature, but could be available for wor last 2 games—while Joe Willock, Lewis Miley, Matt Targett, Sven Botman and Jamaal Lascelles will not feature again this season!  And of course Sandro Tonali iz suspended til next season anyway!

We then have 2 away games to end the season---away to Moan U next Wedinzday and then we are off to west London for the 5th and final time this season to take on Brentfaad a week on Sunday!

Will we qualify for Europe?  Its highly likely that we will qualify for The Conference Leegue and quite possible to qualify for The Europa Leegue shud we finish in wor present 6th position and Moan U lose the FA Cup final! (If they win they automatically qualify for The Europa Leegue, even if they finish below us!)

Chelseee are breathin doon wor necks az well!----We will have a much better idea after the weekend fixtures have been played!

A full Geordie Times match report will appear here az per usual sometime on Sunday!---Az per usual---"Watch this space!"

The new temporary club shop iz comin on nicely behind The Gallowgate End on Strawberry 🍓 Place! 🤪👍🏁

PS: Best of luck to The Heedbangers of Gatesheed in The FA Trophy final v Solihull at Wembley tomorrow!

Pleeeze break the Tyne Bridges Wembley jinx and bring the trophy home lads! “Howay the Heed!”      🤪👍🏁 🏆 

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