Friday 4 August 2023


 Posted just after 'high noon bells' Friday 4th August 2023

Wor 3rd major signin in the transfor window haz joined NUFC!

Valen(Tino) Livramento haz signed from relegated Sooothampton for a fee reported to be aroond aboot the £40 milion mark and will swap those horrible red n white Sooothampton stripes for the MAGnificent black n white stripes of NUFC!

He's a right back and iz 20 years old and iz an Ing-er-land U21 international!

Meeenwhile! we play the forst of 2 home games in 2 days v Fiorentina of Italy on Saturday ('3:30 bells') and Villarreal of Spain on Sunday ('4:00 bells') in The Sela Cup! 

Nice of France play Villarreal before wor game on Saturday '12:30 bells')---and after wor game the NUFC lasses team takes the field against WBA Women ('6:00 bells')

Before wor game on Sunday Fiorentina play Nice ('1;00 bells')

Tournament format: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and an additional 1 point for every goal scored!

We fully expect that 2 completleee different NUFC teams will appear on Saturday and Sunday!

We understand that the top tiers of The Milburn and Leazes Stand will be empty, meeenin a crowd of under 40,000 iz expected! (Mainly due to the high ticket prices of £55 for the 2 days!)

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