Wednesday 7 June 2023


 Posted '12:24pm bells' Wedinzday 7th Joon 2023

For starters aa naa absolutleee nowt aboot golf, but the news that the PIF who own NUFC have merged LIV Golf with the PGA Tour, haz made eruptions aroond the world! 

This iz good news for NUFC fans and hopefully this will put the protests aboot wor takeover by the PIF onto the back burner, and let them focus on golf instead!

It will be interestin wot golf players Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods will dee, az they were 100% opposed to The Saudis in golf and torned doon eye waterin money, reported to be $140 MILLION to join LIV Golf!? 

Watch this space for forthaa news!

PS: The one and anly time av played golf woz on Whitley Bay's miniature golf course many moons ago! The miniature course woz near the top of a cliff and ah hit mee forst shot straight ower the cliff edge and into the North sea!---never to be seen again!--- and lost mee deposit on the golf baall! (ie: Ah woz a 'one hit wonder'!)

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