Monday 27 February 2023


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Nine times I have seen The Toon play at Wembley in competitive games and  nine times we have lost!

It's got to the stage where I 'Fink' that I will never see us win there and I hate the f*****' place!

1: 1974 Lost 0-3 to Livaapool in the FA Cup final

2: 1976 Lost 1-2 to Man City in the Leegue Cup final 

3: 1996 Lost 0-4 to Moan U in Charity Sheeeld

4: 1998 Lost 0-2 to The Arse in the FA Cup final

5: 1999 Lost 0-2 to Moan U in the FA Cup final

6: 2000 Lost 1-2 to Chelsea in the FA Cup semi final

7: 2017-18 Lost 0-1 to Sporz in the Premyaa Leegue

8: 2018-19 Lost 0-1 to Sporz in the Premyaa Leegue

9: 2023 Lost 0-2 to Moan U in the Leegue Cup final

PS: I've aalso been to Wembley twice in the 100 year centenary of The Futbaall Leegue in 1988 when we played 2 games of 20 mins each way against Livaapoool (actually WON 1-0 on pens)  but lost 0-2 to Tranmere Rovers at the next stage!---Az these were anly 40 minute friendly games, they don't reeely cooont!)

NUFC started off the brighter az we kicked towards the Moan U end and held wor own until the 33rd minutes when the 'bent' ref gave Moan U a free kick when the baall woz cleanly won?

The free kick woz taken by Luke Shaw and hiz centre woz heeded home by Casimero past debutant keeper Loris Karius to put us 0-1 behind!----But woz it offside az well?????

And then in the 40th minute they doubled their lead when Marcus Rashford's shot woz deflected ower Karius by Sven Botman to break wor hearts az the realisation that we would probably lose again filled me with dread!

The Moan U manager had complained before the match that we would try and slow the game doon, but it woz hiz own team who took ages to take throw ins and pinch a few yards in the process az they took them from the wrang place time and time again! (With neethaa the ref or linesmen intervenin to stop this!)  They did the same with goal kicks, muct to the annoyance of the 33,000 Toon fans present!

The Moan U fans constantly sang songs aboot Alan Shearer bein a sad Geordie B******D, rather than sing songs in support of their own team!

Az the final whistle blew we made for Wembley Stadium station to catch the train back to Aylesbury where we were stayin----and to wor amazement there were aalready 100s of plastic Moan U fans in the train queue in front of us, not even stayin to watch the end of the game or watchin them lift the cup????? FANS? dont make me laff! (Come to Fink of it, they did the same in the 1999 FA Cup final where 1,000s of them left before the trophy presentation!

The Toon flag display woz brilliant az the Moan U fans half heartedly waved the scarves that had been left on their seats!

Aagain we outsung them, (az we did in 1999) but to nee avail, az outsingin your rivals doesn't win yoo cups, az we succumbed to defeat number nine in a row at the home of futbaall!

Attendance: 87,306 (33,000 Toon and 33,000 Moan U)

We got back to Aylesbury where mee 9 seater canny tranny woz parked and heeded back to Tyneside ---a jorney of 5 and a half hours and a roond trip of 575 miles!----Arrivin back at '2:00am bells'!

Anothaa cup final to forget a'm afraid!

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