Wednesday 6 April 2022


 Posted 'high noon bells' Wedinzday 6th April 2022

Updated '12:14pm bells' Thorzday

2 more NUFC games have been changed for live telly---and they are:

The Blue Moonies of Manchester away will now be played on Sunday 8th May with a '4:30 bells' ko---live on SKY

Wor home game v The Arse will now be played on Munday 16th May with an '8:00 bells' ko---aalso live on SKY

Meeenwhile, there iz a very important game which affects NUFC tooneet, when 'The Bornley Hillbillies' take on 'The Toffee Noses of Evaatin' in a six pointer for both! 

Bornley are 10 points behind us, while Evaatin are 6 points behind!

A goalless draw would be the best result for NUFC, az both clubs will drop 2 points if this happens and not improve their goal differences!

The 2nd best result iz an Evaatin win, az Bornley will still be 10 points adrift, but on the othaa hand Evaatin will move within 3 points of us!

The worst result iz a Bornley win, which will see them move within 7 points off The Toon!

With 3 home games off the belt, startin' on Friday at home to Wolves, we can anly hope that we can banish aall fears of the drop by the time the 3 games are played!---The othaa 2 are against 'The Basil Brush Brigade of Lestaa' on Sunday week and Cristilll Palliss the followin Wedinzday!

Updated '12:14pm bells' Thorzday

Bornley won 3-2 and so NUFC are anly 7 points above the relegation zone!-----We desperately need to pick up at least 4 points from wor 3 home games----startin' tomorrow neet against Wolves! 

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