Tuesday 13 November 2018


Posted '2:25pm bells' Tuesday 113th November 2018
Updated 10:00pm bells in Eccles on a night truck run!

Tooneet NUFCs resorve side travel to Grimsbeee for a Checkatrade Trophy match---Just one point iz needed to qualify for the last 32 and a possible meetin' with the SMBs senior team! (Can yoo imagine that---wor resorves v the mackems forst team!!!!

Anyway!--the game kicks off at '7:45 bells' and if yoo are gannin the away end iz open, priced £5 for big kids and £1 for little kids and sprogs get in FREE!

'The Geordie Times' forst visited Grimsbeee  36 years ago in 1982, where we drew 2-2 in the old 2nd Division---and we have been there a couple of times since---az this iz a resorve game on a groond we have been te before, we wont be gannin---BUT a few of the 'NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' are and we will bring yoo the result az soon az we find oot!

PS: Their groond iz actually in Cleethorpes, so divvint heed for Grimsbeee or yoo will miss the game!!!😮

Updated 10:00pm bells

FT Grimsbeee 2 The Toon U21s 3

The Toon won this 5 goal thriller after comin from behind to progress to the last 32 of the competition with a Wembley final the carrot on the end of the stick.

Goals from Callum Roberts (shot) Elias Sorensen (heeder) and Matty Longstaff (free kick) sealed the win in front of 547 includin 66 NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers!

NUFC win the group and will have a home tie in the next roond because of this---The draw iz on Friday!

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