Saturday 12 March 2016

"THERE'S ANLY ONE SPANISH 'WAITER'!" <('Waitin' for the chance to manage NUFC!)

Posted '1:55pm bells' Saturday 12th March 2016


Az per usual 'The Geordie Times' iz one day behind with the sensational news of 'Rafa The Gaffa's appointment az NUFC manager! <(Wot the hell did yoo expect?)

And in complete contrast to wor reaction when McClaren signed on the dotted line last Joon, we are totally OVERWHELMED  with hiz appointment! (see story below!)
With TWELVE major trophies to Rafa's name, includin' The Champions Leegue, UEFA Cup and World Club Championship!---this--at last!-- it's a dream come true for aall black n whites!

Of course, we are still in the thick of a relegation battle, but at least it gives us hope of avoidin' the drop---sommik we were resigned to if McClaren had stayed!

We have two very tough games comin' up next---away to 'The Basil Brush Brigade' of Lestaa on Munday neet and of course the derby against the SMBs the followin' Sunday! <(a game we dreaded but now have a bit hope!)

Chelski fans didn't like him for some reason when he waz there, despite him winnin' The UEFA Cup for them---and caalled him 'The Fat Spanish Waiter' <(these spoilt brats don't know just how lucky they were!) <(Look at where Chelski are now?)

We are fully behind wor new manager and will back him to the hilt in wor remainin' 10 games and hope that he can instil some confidence in them, 'form a propaa game plan' and play players in their proper positions---and NOT play those who are simply not good enough and ne use to us whatsoever! <(Riviere, Doumbia, Saivet, etc etc etc!)

The 'Ronny Gill' haz devoted a total of THORTEEN PAGES (13!) in today's issue, in relation to Rafa's appointment!---wot does that tell yoo aboot how much NUFC meeenz to 'The Toon' and aall futbaall mad Tynesiders!?  

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