Friday 4 March 2016


Posted 'high noon bells' Friday 4th March 2016
Bournemoooth away orlier this season----
Happier days!---The Toon (in white) actually win an away game!---just!

With just 11 games to gan to save wor season, we take on Bournemoooth @ SJP in yet anothaa must win game!---anly this time we MUST! win it or trips to MK Dons and BURTON next season look to be on the cards! (Burton are top of Leegue 1)

An easy game?---you'd better NOT believe it, az wor visitors have lost just ONE oot of their last TEN competitive away games!---while we have won just FOWER at home in the leegue so far this sorry sorry season!

Bournemoooth will have a great followin' and have sold aall of their 3,100 allocation for the Leazes top tier!

They are actually now EIGHT points clear of NUFC after their 2-0 derby win against Sooothampton orlier this week!

With Swanzee (unexpectadly!) winnin' away to 'The Arse' az well in midweek we are now SIX points adrift of 5th bottom place alang with The SMBs, Norwich and of course Villa (who looked doomed for certain!)

Like we say---a win iz a 'must'---a draw iz 'ne good' and a defeat iz 'a disaster'!

A full match report will appear here sometime on Sunday

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