Friday 14 June 2013


Posted '2:40pm bells' Friday 14th Joon 2013

St Mirren have asked 'The Toon' to ratify just wot kind of  'team' we will be sendin' up to Paisley on Tuesday July 30th for wor friendly match there!

Their website says: "When the annoucement was made yesterday of the pre season 'match up' with Newcastle United, it was reported on the Premiership club's official website that the match would be part of the Magpies Under 21s pre season schedule, although it was also reported by them that a number of first team players would join the under 21 squad for the match in Paisley".

"Since then we have had several equiries asking for clarification on details for the match so we caught a quick word with St Mirren CEO, Brian Caldwell who said": "The arrangement with Newcastle United is that they will be sending a squad made up of first team players, reserves and under 21s".

"While we can't guarantee who will be appearing for the St James' Park side, I'm sure that we will get to see some familiar faces in the Newcastle ranks, over and above Conor Newton and Paul Dummett!"< (who were on loan from 'The Toon' to St Mirren last season)

"Tickets for the pre season match against Newcastle United go on sale from the St Mirren ticket office from Friday 14th June" <(toooday!)

A 'Geordie Times' message to aall St Mirren fans: "Yoo can 'guarantee' that we will be sendin' up a mainly Resorve/Under 21 team of 'unfamiliar faces'!"---"Och aye the nooo!"

For aall the latest pre season fixtures, see below!

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