Wednesday 24 October 2012


Updated '3:05pm bells' Thorsday 25th October 2012

Toooneet 'The Toon' will play wor 138th game in total in European competitions (this includes 13 games in the Anglo-Italian Cup---by the way!) and 'The Geordie Times' iz attemptin' to de wor 104th European game 'in a row', when we face Club Brugge of Belgium @ St James' Park!

History cud aalso be repeatin' itself, az it iz rumoured that brothers Sammi and Shola Ameobi cud start a game together for the forst time!

The Robledo brothers appeared together in 1952 in domestic competition for the Toon and the anly other time it haz happened to us iz when the Appelby brothers appeared together in the Anglo-Italian Cup in 1992.

We fully expect that the usual contingent of resorve players will be in the startin' line up and divvint be suprized if 'The Xisco Kid' iz in the squad az he scored a hat-trick in the resorves 5-1 thrashin' of 'The Pullis P*ss Potts of Stoke' on Monday neet @ 'Blue Flames', Benton (aka Whitley Park) in the FA Premier Resorve Leegue (see report below)

We're not sure just how many Brugge fans are comin' ower the English Channel, but yi can bet that they are better treated here, than we will be in the beer capital of Belgium in a fortneets time, az we've been given a lang list of things NOT to de when we get there! (like NOT to waalk or get public transport to the game, but instead get a taxi instead! (the groond iz within waalkin distance of central Brugge!?) Plus loads of other things that yoo can get 'nicked' for! (and we're not even there--yet!)

Anyway!---another Europa Leegue crowd of aroond aboot the 30,000-33,000 iz predicted by us (the average so far iz 30,114)

Europa Leegue Table:
                  P   W   D   L    F   A    GD   Pts
The Toon  2    1    1    0    3    0     +3     4
Bordeaux   2    1    0    1    4    3     +1     3 
Brugge       2    1    0    1    2    4     -2      3
Maritimo     2    0    1    1    0    2     -2     1       

This will be the forst game @ home since the 'St James' Park' signs were re-erected on the Barrack Road main entrance!

PS: Just foond oot that Xisco ISN'T in the squad but 17 year old North Shields born striker Adam Campbell, who played in that resorve game on Monday---IZ!

Az per usual---'Geordie Times' match report to follow tomorrow!

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