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Final update '10:50am bells' Monday 2nd July 2012 


The Euro 2012 Championships final waz tooneet of course and 'The Geordie Times'  produced ower the last 3 weeks a compreeehensive TV guide for yoo to cut oot and keep for aall matches!

The final  at The Olympic Stadium in the Ukraine capital of Kiev @ 7:45 bells and az we now naa, SPAIN hammered ITALY---4-0---and just in case yi wonderin'---oh yes!---'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' have been here az well! (TWICE in fact!) to watch The Toon in The Champions Leegue!
England, of course beat Sweden here last Friday (just!) in the now reduced 60,000 capacity rebuilt stadium (It waz faallin' apart when we were last here 10 years ago!)  

To coincide with the final, aa'm deein' a 'match report' of wor forst visit here in 1997, when 'Bill Quay Kev' drank a full bottle of vodka before the match in a bar ootside the groond!
He didn't get in 'til half time and fell asleep in the 2nd half and MISSED the game! which ended 2-2, with unlikely hero John Beresford gettin' both wor goals. (aall that way for nowt!)

'Sensible' 'me'!?--on the otha hand!, ended up in the KIEV END! in the 100,000 crowd that day, afta gettin' completlee lost tryin' to find the Toon fans tornstiles!
It'll be well worth a reeed---aa promise yoo! 

PS: Just finished the nightshift truck run from Gatesheed to Glasgow and back.
Gannin for some much needed kip now and aa'll put the Kiev groundhoppin' story online when aa get up at teatime!----"ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz!!!!!!!"
(see above!)


Friday 8th Joon

Poland v Greece @ 5 bells on BBC1
1-1 draw***Attendance:56,826

Russia v Czech Republic @  7:45 bells on ITV1
Russia won 4-1***Attendance: 37,348 

Saturday 9th Joon

Holland v Denmark @ 5 bells on BBC1
Denmark won 1-0***Attendance: 56,826

Jawmany v Portugal @ 7:45 bells on BBC1
Jawmany won 1-0***Attendance: 33,951

Sunday 10th Joon
Spain v Italy @ 5 bells on ITV1
1-1 draw***Attendance: 43,615

The Guinness Republic v Croatia @ 7:45 bells on ITV1
Croatia won 3-1***Attendance: 43,200

Monday 11th Joon
France v ENGLAND @ 5 bells on ITV1
1-1 draw***Attendance: 42,000

Ukraine v Sweden @ 7:45 bells on BBC1
Ukraine won 2-1***Attendance: 60,000

Tuesday 12th Joon
Greece v Czech Republic @ 5 bells on ITV1
The Czechs won 2-1***Attendance: 35,213

Poland v Russia @ 7:45 bells on ITV1
1-1 draw***Attendance: 53,617

Wednesday 13th Joon
Denmark v Portugal @ 5 bells on ITV1
Portugal won 3-2***Attendance: 34,915

Holland v Jawmany @ 7:45 bells on BBC1
Jawmany won 2-1***Attendance: 38,633

Thorsday Joon 14th
Italy v Croatia @ 5 bells on BBC1
1-1 draw***Atendance: 37,096

Spain v The Guinness |Republic @ 7:45 bells on BBC1
Spain won 4-0***Attendance: 38,633

Friday Joon 15th
Ukraine v France @ 5 bells on ITV1
France won 2-0***Attendance: 48,000

Sweden v ENGLAND @ 7:45 bells on BBC1
England won 3-2***Attendance: 64,640

Saturday 16th Joon

Czech Republic v Poland @ 7:45 bells on BBC1
Czechs won 1-0***Attendance: 41,680

The Czechs gan through to the knockoot stage
Poland gan oot!

Greece v Russia aalso @ 7:45 bells on BBC3
Greece won 1-0***Attendance: 55,614

Greece gan through to the knockoot stage
The Russians gan oot!

Sunday 17th Joon

Denmark v Jawmany @ 7:45 bells on ITV4
Jawmany won 2-1***Attendance: 35,000

Jawmany gan through  to the knockoot stage
The Danes gan oot!

Portugal v Holland aalso @ &:45 bells on ITV1
Portugal won 2-1***Attendance: 38,633

Portugal gan through to the knockoot stage
The Dutch gan oot!

Monday Joon 18th

Croatia v Spain @ 7:45 bells on BBC3
Spain won 1-0***Attendance: 38,371

Spain gan through to the knockoot stages
The Croats gan oot!

Italy v The Guinness Republic aalso @ 7:45 bells on BBC1
ITALY WON 2-0***Attendance: 44,416

Italy gan through to the knockoot stages
The Guinness Republic were aalready oot!

Tuesday 19th Joon

ENGLAND v Ukraine @ 7:45 bells on ITV1

England won 1-0 and will play Italy in the knockoot stages  in Kiev on Sunday!***Attendance: 51,504

Sweden v France aalso @ 7:45 bells on ITV4

Sweden won 2-0 but it's the French who gan through to play Spain in Donetsk on Saturday!***Attendance: 65,000

Thorsday Joon 21st

Qwaata finals
Czech Republic v Portugal @ 7:45 bells on ITV1
Portugal won 1-0 and progress to the 'semis'***Attendance:55,590

Friday Joon 22nd

Qwaata finals
Jawmany v Greece @ 7:45 bells on BBC1
Jawmany easily won 4-2 and progress to the 'semis' (possible opponents---ENGLAND!)***Attendance: 38,751

Saturday Joon 23rd

Spain v France @ 7:45 bells on ITV1
Spain won 2-0***Attendance: 47,000

Sunday Joon 24th

ENGLAND v Italy @ 7:45 bells on BBC1

0-0 after extra time----Italy won 4-2 on penalties!
and progress to 'semis'----England fly home with NE FANS to great them at the airport! (wot does THAT tell yiz!?)***Attendance: 64,340

Personally!--we  gave England 'ne chance' of winnin' it, despite their 'lucky' 1-0 win against Ukraine last Tuesday neet, with yet another 'ower the line' 'no goal' for the joint hosts! (although it WAS offside!---like!)
It waz possible we could beat Italy of course---BUT!---the dreaded penalty shootoot defeat (for the SEVENTH time!) meeenz that we must say 'goodbye to yet anotha tournament! 

Wednesday 27th Joon

Portugal v Spain @ 7:45 bells on BBC1
0-0 after extra time---Spain won 4-2 on penalties and progress to the final on Sunday ***Attendance: 48,000

Thorsday 28th Joon

Jawmany v Italy @ 7:45 bells on BBC1
Italy won 2-1 and progress to the final on Sunday against Spain 


SPAIN v ITALY on both BBC1 and ITV 1 @ 7:45 bells! (take your pick!)
Spain easily won 4-0 to pick up the trophy once again!***Attendance: 63,170

We've said aall alang that the final would be between Spain and Jawmany and we were bang on course with wor prediction!---However!-- Italy have spoilt wor party, so it's just az well we didn't have a fiver on that to happen!

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