Saturday 26 February 2011

The Toon 1 v Bolton Wanabeez 1

Posted '9:45 pm bells' Saturday 26th Feb

It was
 'chuckin it doon' 
as aa looked across
 'the sacred river' 
(The Tyne!) from orly mornin'
However!----the rain eased off by orly afternoon and the '3 bells' kick off  started with the old 'current bun' makin' an appearance in the cloudy sky and there looked to be a 'healthy' crowd present with not many empty seats  

A deft heeder in the 13th minute by Kevin Nolan put us aheed but the visitors equalised  through Dean Sturrage just before the break!

Ryan Taylor was then sent off in the 54th minute for 'The Toon' for a two footed challenge, to leave us on the defensive for the rest of the game! (the tackle looked aalreet to me---like!)

The ref waz f*****' cr**! but wot cud we de? 
48,062 were there to witness this, includin' 1,200 Wanderers 'wanabeez'

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