Wednesday 2 February 2011


Posted Wednesday 2nd February
A'v just regained mee voice after the 'events' of Monday neet and the news that wor manager has AALL!? the thorty five million quid to spend soonds like good news---but!---'I BEG YOUR PARDEW'---wait a minute!---the transfor window is now closed (believe it or not, Alan!?) so how can we replace 'yee naa who' for the final run in? (we could aalways prop the defence up by fillin'  some money bags with 'the dosh' and stackin' them on the goal-line!) BUT!--whose gannih score the goals at the other end for us?

Spend it in the summer transfor window yi say?---but how much will we REEELY get ti spend????

Divvint hold yi breath!!!

Bolton resorves 4  The Toon resorves 3
We lost at Leyland last neet in the resorve league and were fower goals doon by half time. A brave fightback in the 2nd period with goals from Sammy Ameobi, Brad Inman and Adam Campbell wasn't enough and we came away pointless 
Attendance---'divvint naa!'

Tooneet it's Fulham away in London for the forst team and a'v got mee sarnies and liquid lubrication packed (with some clothes!) and am off to catch the 'twelve bells' train to King's Cross----wont be back til tomorrow afternoon!---match report to follow then!

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