Monday 6 March 2023


 Posted 'high noon bells' Munday 6th March 2023


*It hazzint been a good weekend so far for NUFC az we slip doon to 6th place in the table, havin not won in wor last 5 Premyaa Leegue games, takin just 3 points in the process!

We cannit stand Moan U and their fans, but we needed them to win yesterday at Anfield--- but they got slaughtered 7-0 by The Liverbirds, who leapfrog us to 5th place in the table!---A *bitter sweet weekend for certain after wor 2-0 defeat at The Emptyaid Stadium against Man Citih on Saturday! (10 minutes from the end, they left in droves, despite bein' 2-0 up at the time!)

Tooneet Brentfaad are at home to Fulim in the west London derby and shud Fulim win, then, they will gan above us az well and we will drop to 7th place! (NUFC were in 2nd place on Boxin' Day!)

This iz a reality check I'm afraid az we are not good enough to qualify for The Champions Leegue at the moment!----Give NUFC 2 years and we WILL be ready---for that we are sure!


*Bitter sweet an explanation

Bitter coz we lost and Livaapoool went above us

Sweet coz Moan U got slaughtered az their fans tried to take the p*ss durin and after the League Cup final!

I wonder how they're aall feeling today after losin 7-0 against their most hated rivals???

Wot gans aroond comes aroond!

PS: Brentfaad beat Fulim 3-2 so NUFC are still in the top 6

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