Friday 29 June 2018


Posted '12:47pm bells' Friday 29th Joon 2018

FT Beljim resorves 1  Ing-er-land resorves 0

To leave top goal scorer and captain Harry Kane oot of the startin' X1 and make EIGHT changes to the team that annialated Panamaar 6-1 iz unforgiveable!
Wot the hell Soothgate woz 'fink'in aboot iz anybody's guess!

And so it came to pass that they lost 1-0 in a terrible match against Beljim (who themsels made NINE changes from their previous game!) and will face Columbee-aa (16th in the rankings!) instead of Japaan (61st in the rankings!) in the next roond, which could well end in tears yet again!----Lets hope not!

A total selection shambles if yoo ask us!

PS: Some have said that finishin 2nd meenz that Ing-er-land have an easier run in and will have an extra day off!
8 of those who played against Beljim WONT start against  Columbee-aa anyway so it wouldnt make any difference!---would it?

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