Sunday 17 January 2016


Posted '1:00pm bells' Sunday 17th January 2016

It iz with great sadness that we have hord of the passin' of a Toon fan called 'Cliffy' aged just 57 who came from South Shields. It waz reported that he had a cardiac arrest after the Man U game on Tuesday neet and waz taken to the nearby RVI behind St James' Park where he sadly died.
'Cliffy' waz a regular at home and away games and the odd European trip and waz an 'eccentric' character to say the least who used to dye hiz hair jet black!

For example when NUFC played in a tournament in Dublin a few years ago it waz 'chuckin' it doon'!
There waz ne cover in the front seats at Lansdowne Road and we aall moved to the back of the stand where there waz shelter!---apart from 'Cliffy' that iz ---who refused  point blank to leave hiz allocated seat in row two and he got a reet soakin' az he sat on hiz own like a drowned rat az hiz hair dye started to run!--to great amusement from the Toon fans present!


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