Saturday 30 March 2024


 Posted just after 'high noon bells' Thorzday 28th March 2024

The forst game after the International break iz on Saturday at SJP when we take on The Jellied Eels Mob of West Ham in a ridiculous '12:30 bells' kick off! (For live telly of course!)

But Toon fans are never beaten for pre match gargels and we can tell yoo that The Leazes End/Companions Club on Leazes Park Road iz open at '9:30am bells' on Saturday to quensh your thirsts!

If yih divvint have a ticket for the game there's a big screen in the consert room upstairs to watch it!

(Correction! They don’t have TNT telly- just Sky! so yoo cannit watch it here!)

The boozer iz on the main road behind The East Stand and iz within very eazy 'hocklin distance' of the tornstiles!

It's the cheapest place aroond the groond az well and yoo can get a pint for under £3:40, which iz a poond cheaper than nearby boozers!

Pleeeze consider them for your pre match 'session' az NUFC games are their lifeline and withoot match takings they wouldn't be able to survive!

News on possible team line ups? Livramento, Trippier and Barnes could aall return, hopefully???---While Wilson, Joelinton, Botman and Lewis Miley are aall crocked and will miss oot!

A full Geordie Times match report will appear here sometime on Easter Sunday!---Az per usual---"Watch this space!"

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