Friday 21 February 2020


Posted '1:29pm bells' Friday 21st February 2020

Just like a London bus queue, we heed for the capital city for the 2nd time in a week, followin wor heavy 4-0 defeat at 'The Arse' last Sunday!

We face a Pallis side that haz won just one of their last 11 Leegue fixtures, as they nosedive doon the table!  Let's hope that NUFC make them 'nosedive' a little fortaa doon towards the relegation zone, tomorrow!?

Dwight Gayle iz said to be fit to retorn at last, az iz Muto, but Joelinton is carryin' an injury and will probably miss oot!
Aalso missin oot are, Clark, Dummett, Krafth, Shelvey and (suprize!, suprize!) Andy Carroll!

A dammin' stat iz that wor last goal from a striker in the Premyaa Leegue, woz SIX MONTHS AGO, on August 25th last year!!!! (Joelinton's solitary Premyaa goal in wor 1-0 win at Sporz new abode!)  
'Broken Nose Bruce' haz stated 'the blindingly obvious' and said that £40 million poond acwazishin <(We naa aall the big words!) Joelinton, might NOT be a natural goalscorer!!!!! (1 goal in 26 Premyaa Leegue appearances, tells its own sorry tale!)
Predictably, az both us and Pallis are bottom scorers in the table, averagin' less than a goal a game, a borin' 'nil-nil' result iz the most likely outcome! "ZZZZzzzz!" ðŸ˜ī 

NUFC have sold wor entire allocation of 2,800 tickets and we are on the '8:00 bells' train to KX (King's Cross, London) tomorrow mornin'----cans of 'liquid lubrication' at the ready!

A full 'Geordie Times' match and 'booze' report, will appear here sometime on Sunday and yoo can bet your bottom dollar that this game will be last on 'Match of the Day' (again!) on Saturday neet!

PS: The Geordie Times forst went to Sehurst Park nearly 50 years ago and an archive match report on that game is printed below!
(Ground number 014)

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