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199 new broomfield park, airdrie


Date of First Visit: 27th JANUARY 2001







ATTENDANCE  2,571 (500-600 Toon fans)









It was aroond aboot ten tih five bells on a freezin' caad thorsday neet that ah was flickin' through the back pages of the 'Ronny-Gill' tih catch up on the latest Toon trivia that ah came across the joyous news of a forthcomin' Toon friendly which had been fixed up at the last minute.

'UNITED'S SCOTTISH FLING', screamed the heedlines on the inside back page!. (Whey---ER!---not exactly 'screamed'---more like 'whispered'!)


There was nee time tih waste as there was less than 48 hours tih 'blast off', so ah got staight on the blower tih tell 'Toon Travels' 'Barrett Mean Time' the 'gen'. (Az opposed to 'Greenwich mean time'--az '1 bells' to him iz '2 bells'--ie: he's aalways late!)
"Ah hear wiv gorra friendly at Inverness", he telt iz on his mobile before ah had a chance tih gerra word in.

"NO!--NO!, ah said, "It's Aidrie, NOT 'Loch Ness Monsterland!". (Apparently some 'corn-beef' 'pissbrain' had telt  him that he'd hord on the radio that we where playin' Inverness Caledonian when in fact the announcer had said Airdrieonians!)

(A classic case of gettin' his 'Onians' mixed up with his 'Donians'!!!)

"Fink it's a dump!"---he replied,---"Ah f***** dump!"

"Nivva mind that!", ah said as the line started tih break up, "How wih gannih get there?"

"Divvint worry---wi'll sort sommik oot, aa'll get back tih yih later!".

Like an excited five year old child openin' his christmas prezzys---ah could'nt tek it aall in at forst---ah meen!---Airdrie was a place a'd nivva been tee AND it would be mee penultimate groond before mee 'double century'!

Ah knew that wi'd probably send a resorve team up, but who gave two 'monkeys' f****!, it was somewhere new tih gan.

(At the time of writin' this 'piece' as was fast approachin' mee 47th borthday!)

Sometime later Keith got back to iz.

"There's aanly a handful of wih gannin---so wi'll get the train".

And so the train it was!.



Next day wih met up at the 'Central' and caught the 7:50 tih Edinburgh. From there wih had tih catch another train tih Glasgow and yet another one tih Airdrie!. (And aall this for a resorve match!)

On the way up az ah supped a can of 'L.C.L.', ah could'nt help wonderin' just where on the planet ah would have tih travel tee tih de mee 'double ton'. The Toon had said that if necessary they would enter the 'Inter Taatty (aka: Toto!) Cup' if wih did'nt qualify for Europe the 'proper way' (i.e: through wor League position!)

Az this looked 'highly unlikely', (az we were in 'freefaall' doon the Premier League at the time!) ah had visions of wih draain' some team from the Faroe Islands!, where men are sheep an' sheep are men? (sommik like that anyway!) and hirin' a fishin' boat from Aberdeen tih get wih there!.

(Aaltogether now!--- We anly sing when we're fishin'! )

Or!---(perhaps?) get some god-forsaken unpronouncable team,, six thoosand miles away by air in Outer Siberia!

However!----it was 'Biffa the Beer' (the man who knows everything! and who runs the (unofficial) N.U.F.C. 'pirate' web!) who purriz reet!

"Wi'v gorra friendly arranged in Ayr in a couple of month's", he said --withoot a blink of the eye!

SO! (ah thought, az ah racked mee brain cells?)---instead of a trip by air or sea---it would be a trip by land tih Ayr! (sic!)

(Aal have tih stop drinkin' this 'L.C.L.'!)


Wih got tih Glasgow at ten thorty bells and as Airdrie was aanly a twenty minute ride from there wih heeded for 'The Iron Horse' a couple of streets from Queen Street Station for a 'liquid refreshment break'!.

On the way wih bumped intih two kiddas who were totally high on the 'happy baccy' and they could hardly stand up!

They could just aboot speak though!

"GEORDIES!---YOOA THE BEST DRINKERS IN SCOATLAND!" one iv them said as they staggered off in the direction of Sauchihall Street.

Wih felt that wi'd better not let them doon on this coont (an' believe you me wih did'nt!) and the forst 'jars' went doon wor 'Gregorys' an' did'nt touch the sides!.

There were some Glasgow based Aberdeen fans in the bar who were off to Alloa for a Scottish Cup tie. They telt wih that the Aberdeen and Rangers fans did'nt get on and that when a minutes silence was held at every Scottish groond at the turn of the year in memory of the Ibrox disaster in 1971 that thoosands of Aberdonians waited ootside the Pittodrie tornstiles before their home game against Hearts until the minutes silence was ower before enterin' the groond as the hatred between the two clubs was so great!.

(And they reckon that the Toon/mackem rivelry is bad!)

Wih had a few 'Arthurs' with them before movin' on tih the next 'waaterin' hole' alang the road where wih met some Partick Thistle fans who were on their way tih Kilmarnock aalso for a Scottish Cup match.

One of their squad was wearin' a hand knitted wooly jumper with a huge 'Fred Flintstone' caracture on the back dressed up in Thistle's red, white, yellih and black strip, complete with scarf and tassles that were cleverly knitted so that they dangled from the back of his multi coloured 'ganzy'! (Joseph and his techni-coloured dream coat did'nt have a look in!)

(And here's me thinkin' that 'Fred' was a Bedrock fan?) (F***** turncoat!)  

He telt iz that he lived on the Isle of Mull at a place caalled Toblerone (or was it Tobermoray?) and ah guessed that his granny must iv spent weeks knittin' it for him from the wool of one of the local sheep!.

He said that he had'nt missed a game for seventeen years which is'nt bad for someone who has tih travel from the Outer Hebredes (or wherever Mull is?)

As Glasgow's thord club, wih asked him who he liked/hated the most between Celtic and Rangers---and his reply was unequivocal.

"They're both Irish b*******!"---"Ah f***** hate them both!", he answered as he downed his lager---and he was'nt finished.

"Ah hate the 'Gypsy b*******' as well!", he went on polishin' off the rest of his 'gargel'.

"Who are they"?, ah asked him with a puzzled look on mee 'boat race'.

"The Gypsy b*******??---"CLYDE!"---"they have'nt got a home groound"---"play at Cumbernauld noo!"---he ended, knockin' back a 'whisky chaser' in the process.

"Hope yih win lads!", wih said as wih shook hands as they went tih catch their train tih 'Killie' (They did'nt!)

It was time for us tih depart iz well tih catch wor THORD train tih wor final destination of Airdrie, accordin' tih the timetable a short twenty minute jorney from 'Rab C. Nesbitt Land'!.

We arrived at the 'promised land' aboot 'half one bells' an' made for the nearest waaterin' hole---namely 'The Broomloan' (ah thinx?) just ootside the station. It was 'Barretts' torn for 'the liquid' an' az we were in 'Scoatlind' he insisted that wih had a 'wee dram' tih warm 'the coccles ov yih heart' az was the custom in 'theeze parts'.

So!---wih downed wor 'Tennents Special' followed by 'the said' quadruple whisky 'chaser', an' before lang we were in (er') 'quadruple vision land'!.

Az yid expect, (coz of wor jorney see far) we were telt by the locals that 'Onians' new groond was a canny hike from the bar, so a taxi was the order of the day tih tek wih the two or three miles distant. (The aad groond was in the toon centre)

This meant that this was mee fifth mode of transport from wor place tih Airdrie's new abode. (A taxi tih the 'Central'--three trains an' another taxi!)

Az yih might iv guessed it was in the middle of 'nee where', with the bar underneath the main stand the anly 'liquid stop' for miles!. (That's what we were telt, anyway!)



Az yid expect it was chaos in the bar with fans queuein' five deep tih get some 'precious gargel', but luckily for me it was'nt my torn, so it was left tih 'Bernie' tih claa his way tih the coonter tih get the vital life savin' fluid!.

Aftah what like seemed forever (aboot 5 mins!) he handed wih wor pints of '70/-' 'nourishment!', which wih quickly demolished az it was gettin' on for kick off time.

Wih hurried towards the tornstiles where a programme seller was shiftin' his 'wares' and at 50 pence a time for a folded 'A4' photocopied sheet iv paper, it was'nt exactly great value for money, especially as it did'nt even have the two team line ups in it!. Airdrie used tih have a fanzine caalled 'Only the Lonely' named after the Roy Orbison hit single ov the orly '60',s.

(Roy Orbison?---who the f***** hell is he?---ah divvint naa---a'm much too young tih remember!--Honest!)

Anyway!, ah looked aroond tih see if ah could 'clock' anyone sellin' them---but sadly (tih nee avail) ah could'nt, so a had tih mek de wih mee sheet of 'A4' for mee readin' material!.

(It took iz aboot 20 secs. tih de just that!) (what a read!)

Az wih entered the groond wih realised that we were in the Airdrie end (or in this case, 'side' and were telt by the stewards tih waalk aroond the pitch tih the far side where the Toon fans were congregated. Az wih passed behind the Toon goal Airtdrie scored what torned oot tih be the anly goal of the game after five mins!

At the time wih did'nt have a clue who scored their goal or indeed who the young kidda in goal for the Toon was???.

There were aboot 5 or 600 Toon fans in the crowd, of which aroond half (ah guessed) had travelled from sooth of 'The Tweed' an' the other half (judgin' by their Jock accents) were Scottish based Toon fans an' ah could'nt find one fan who knew who wor 'mystery keeper' was!?.

The match tih be perfectly blunt was a 'heep of crap' with the Toons mostly second string team just treatin' it az a trainin' session. (Meks yih wonder why wih bother?)

At the end of the match the Toon's young goalie came ower an' was tellin' this gadgie an' wifey tih meet him ootside the main entrance.

Ah worked it oot that they must'iv been his mutha 'n' faatha,

an' mebbeez---(just mebeez!) THEY knew his name?.

"It's Phil Pringle!", said the excited 'daddy', when ah put the question to him, "It's his first game at this level!", he went on!

(So! nuw wih knew who 'mystery kid' was!)

(It was'nt until the next day when ah read the Sundih Sun that ah foond oot that 'Jesus'! (Sanjuan) had scored for them!) (With God on their side, wih did'nt stand a chance!)


On the way up tih the groond wid asked the taxi driver if eed tek wih tih Edinburgh (40 miles away) aftah the match asz the last train from there was at 'seven bells' an' wih did'nt wanna miss it.

Wih telt him that wi'd give him a tenner each an' he readily agreed! and sure enough there he was, patiently waitin' for wih at the pre-arranged rendezvous a few yards from the groond.

Keith jumped in the front and az wih 'hit' the 'M8' towards  Edinburgh, he 'hit' the pillow (so tih speak!) and then literally 'hit' the driver with his heed, az he slid sideways towards him az he went into a deep, deep sleep!, nearly knockin' him oot in the process!. This was not a good move az he lost control momentarily and swerved intih the fast lane dein aboot 80 M.P.H., nearly hittin' a passin' Landrover!.

Ah managed tih pull Keith off the driver and he fell towards the passenger door, oblivious to the 'moterway disaster' he'd nearly caused!. (God WAS on wor side nuw!)

Somehow we arrived in the Scottish capital in one piece and we were dropped off at a bar at the end of Princess Street at 'six bells'. (Plenty of time for a few 'gargels' before catchin' the last train tih Tyneside an hour later!)

However!---after aboot three 'Arthurs' an' a bit 'chinwag' with a couple of  Celtic fans ah 'clocked' that it was 'quaata tih seven bells' by the pub timepiece.

After a quick check with the barman that the 'dickory dock' was infact reet (and it was!) wih hurridly downed the dregs from wor glasses an' heeded for the door. Princess Street is aboot a mile lang and the train station was at the other end from the boozer. It meant a mad dash alang the street which was'nt easy with two 'n' a half gallons of 70/- swillin' aboot in mee guts!.

Az wih staggered doon the steps intih Waverley Station, ah could see that the 'Michael Caine' was aboot tih depart at the appointed time az the engines were revin' up az the huge second hand on the station clock hit the top of the hour. The loco's engines got louder az ah flung open the carraige door an' slumped exausted on the open window for a rest---wi'd made it!---just!. But!---where the hell was Keith an' Bernie?---in the f***** takeaway on the station concourse---that's where!. They'd decided that they were claamin an' wanted a 'nosebag' before catchin' the train, so ah had tih keep the door open tih stop it leavin' withoot them!---(yih naa warra meen!)

"Herry up yih stupid c****!", ah shooted as they sauntered towards the carraige door, stuffin' their fat faces with a 12" pizza each!.

"Quick---the guards gannih blow his f***** whistle!".

At this point they got the message and with their pizzas 'still in gob', they literally fell ontih the '125' from the platform az it pulled oot of Waverley Station!---(A very close caall indeed!)

The jorney back ower 'Hadrians Waall' is a bit of a blur!, but ah CAN remember gannin tih the buffet car az wih left Edinburgh-----but then?---ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!---and the next thing a can remember iz suddenly wakin' up at the 'Central' sometime later az the train breaked an' screamed to a halt!.

(It's amazin' how yih aalways wake up when yih get yhem---is'nt it!?)

By the time wih had a few more 'liquids' in 'O'Neills and 'The Star' it was 'time tih gan yhem' time az ah was totally S-P-A-C-E-D  O-U-T!.

Ah can't remember anything after this---but!---WOR LASS CAN!, so!--- aall let hor tell yih the rest of this sorry tale!.

(Seven pages up 'till nuw!)


Wor Lass (In hor own words)

"Pleeze note!---Fink never mentioned aboot when he got yhem.

Well!---he got back at aboot four in the mornin' an' when he came in he made so much noise ah thought someone was borglin' the hoose!

He went tih the 'powder room', (bog---az he would caall it!) an' started shoutin' at the waall!---when he did'nt get any response he started punchin' the waall---when THIS did'nt get any responce he came into the bedroom demandin' his supper!

(Divvint forget!---this was at FOUR 'O' CLOCK in the mornin'!)---After that he crashed oot an' fell asleep on the floor!---Ah left the drunken sod where he was an' went back tih sleep!---When ah confronted him the next day he could'nt remember a thing he'd done!---TYPICAL OF FINK!.

Lets hope there's nee more friendly matches in Scotland for a while!".



Hello!---this is 'Fink' again!

Ah knew that there was sommik wrang next day coz wor lass was'nt taalkin' to iz!. Ah aalways waalk aboot the hoose in mee stockin' feet and az ah went intih the kitchen ah felt sommik wet on mee socks az a stood on the carpet!.

Mee forst reaction was that ah must'iv been so drunk that ah could'nt be bothered tih gan tih the 'tool shed' an' had a 'gypsies kiss' on the kichen carpet instead!.

It was soakin' wet!, but az wor lass aalways wears slippers when she waalks 'roond the hoose, she would'nt feel it---and so was non the wiser!.

DRASTIC ACTION WAS NEEDED! az it would soon start tih 'ming' if ah did'nt de sommik quick!.

SO!---(az yih de!)---ah telt hor that the washin' machine must be leakin' an' that wi'd have tih hoy the carpet oot!.


Wih had a bit spare carpet in the garden shed, SO!-- ah put that doon tih replace the soaken one!.---But guess what??---after aboot half an hour, the NEW CARPET was soaken iz well! (Ah could'nt work it oot?, az ah DEFENATELY! had'nt had a 'lag' on THAT ONE!)

Then it suddenly dawned on iz!---the washin' machine (which was switched on) WAS in fact leakin'!--- an' ah HAD'NT! had a 'gypsies' on the f***** carpet after aall!---an' on top of THAT!---a'd hoyed a perfectly good carpet in the 'rin tin tin' for NEE! reason!.

A quick inspection of the washers pipes confirmed that ah was reet!, az the waata was f***** pissin' oot the back!, so ah had tih torn it off, coz ah did'nt fancy a duck pond in mee back kitchen!.


NUW HERE'S A CONFESSION!---Ah thought it WOULD'NT be a good idea tih tell hor what a'd originally thought a'd done (especially az she still was'nt speakin' to iz!) and so ah stuck tih mee story! (which of course was PERFECTLY TRUE!)




Ah knew of course that mee 200th groond was back in Scotland at Ayr United.





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