Thursday 15 September 2016

006 (revisited) rangers stadium (loftus road) qpr

Ground number 6
Date of this visit: 13th September 2016
Rangers Stadium, Loftus Road, London

Queens Park Rangers 0
Newcastle United 6

Attendance: 17,404 (3,005 Toon fans)



Diary of a trucker/Toon fan!

Munday afternoon started off az usual with mee night trunk to Redditch in deepest Worcestershire to pick carpets and floorin' up!
A'd started at '2:15 bells' in the afternoon and had a canny trip doon arrivin' at '8 bells' to tip and pick mee load of stillages up filled with carpets etc!

2 motorway closures on the way back added to mee 444 mile (roond trip) jorney and aa finished work at '3 am bells! (Tuesday)

A few hours later after aboot 5 hours kip "ZZZZzzzz!!!!" it waz time to get up again to catch the midday train to King's Cross for wor game against QPR in Shepherd's Bush "west Landan!" (300 miles)
It waz boilin' hot and aa had to move from mee window seats az the 'current bun' blazed through the glass!

Az we couldn't get back a hotel waz needed, which waz near Russell Square, not to far from King's Cross station
After dumpin' wor bags in the hotel it waz time to---"gan on the hoy!" before heedin' for the groond!

Loftus Road iz probably the most cramped stadium in London with it bein' hemmed in on aall sides by low rise flats!
Wor view from the 2nd back row of the top stand waz not good (see photos!) az yoo can hardly see the goal line from there but we knew that anyway from previous visits here!

Little did we realise that we would see history bein' made az the game kicked off with wor biggest away leegue win in wor history bein' equalled and QPR's worst ever home defeat!
It waz aalso the hottest day aa can remember for a game with temps in the high 90s!

The goal sequences were az follows:
12th minute: A Jonjo Shelvey shot at the far end from us waz deflected into the net by a QPR defender (1-0 to 'us'!)

30th minute: Perez shoots and the rebound faalls nicely back to him to fire the baall into the goal (2-0 to 'us'!)

52nd minute: Shelvey, on the edge of the box hits an unstoppable shot into the top corner of the net and I actually got a photo of it az it flew into the net like an *exoset missile! (*sorry aboot the spellin' misteak!) (3-0 to 'us'!)

56th minute: An unmarked Ciron Clark heeds in a Matt Richie corner! (4-0 to 'us'

63rd minute: Mitrovic gets in on the act with a simple tap in! (5-0 to 'us'

79th minute: Grant Hanley completes the rout with a toe poked effort az the home fans empty their sections of the groond!
(SIX! -NIL to 'US'!)   

We aalso had a goal disallowed in this game and hit the woodwork on at least 2 occasions---the most one sided leegue game av ever witnessed! (Wot would Shepherd's Bush finest, 'Steptoe and Son' have made of it all?) 

After the match we heeded for Holburn and The Shakespeare pub to celebrate wor fantastic win!

Next mornin' it waz back on the train to The Toon and straight back to work with anothaa 444 roond trip to Worcestershire in the offin'!

Waz it worth aall the effort?  "YOO BET IT WAZ!"

Toon team: Sels, Anita, Lascelles, Clark, Dummett (Hanley 65), Gouffran (Atsu 61), Hayden, Shelvey, Richie, Perez, Mitrovic (Yedin 81)

PS: The anly bigger away victory av seen came in a Leegue Cup tie at Notts Coonty a few years back when we won 7-1!

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