Sunday 17 April 2016


Posted '10:37am bells' Sunday 17th April 2016

Toonsend scores wor 3rd goal to put the icing on top of Rafa's birthday cake!
(Geordie Times excluuusive!)


The day started off in 'The Bodega' where 'The Canary Custards' were takin' on the SMBs live on the box @ '12:45 bells'!
This would be the game that would ultimately decided wor fate if the home side had won---they would then be 9 points aheed of us and with a much superior goal difference, this would aalmost certainly relegate us before a baall waz kicked in wor game @ '3 bells'!
Aa NEVAA watch the SMBs on the telly and normally watch the reaction of othaa fans az the game progresses, az aa stare into mee pint glass or anywhere where there iz ne telly!
A penalty to the mackems put them 1-0 up to groans from the Toon fans assemeled!---But reeely this waz a 'blessin' in disguise' az a mackem win would give us at least a little bit of hope!
Aa moved on to 'The Pitt Bar' where the score waz now 2-0 and then 3-0 to more groans from those assembled there!

This aalso dented Norwich's goal difference and it waz soon time to heed for the tornstiles with 'belief' rather than 'dread'!

However!--I shouldn't have worried az The Toon put up a spirited performance with 5 changes made by 'Rafa the Gaffa' from the team that succumbed to Sooothampton last week!
The Toon attack The Leazes End (1st half)

The vital breakthrough came @ 'The Leazes End' when a Toonsend corner 5 minutes before the break foond the heed of Lascelles and he nodded the baall into the back of the net to load roars of relief from the Toon faithful.  (HT 1-0 to 'us'!)

Swanzee then had 3 great chances to level things in the 2nd period but we lived to tell anothaa tale az the score remained 1-0!

Mitrovic then came on in the 80th minute to send a buzz around the groond and he waz soon in the thick of the action!

We took this picture just az Sissoko waz aboot to score wor 2nd goal!

The killer goal came in the 82nd minute when anothaa Toonsend corner foond Sissoko's feet and from just a few yards oot he hoofed the baall into the goal az the crowd went ballistic!

It waz Rafa's 56th birthday and the crowd sang "Happy Borthday to yoo!" az he acknowledged the fans with a wave!

The icing on Rafa's cake came in the dying embers of the game when Toonsend drilled in a fine shot after good work from Mitrovic, which sent the crowd wild with relief--more than anything!

The result meenz we now are just THREE points from Norwich and more impotantleee!---with us scorin' 3 and them concedin' 3 the goal difference iz now doon to just 1 goal in their favour!

The fight for survival iz ON!---The odds of stayin' up are still against us az 'The Blue Moonies' and 'The Livebirds' are next!----not eazy games of course---but who naaz wot can happen????


Toon team: Darlow, Anita, Mbemba, Lascelles, Dummett, Tiote (Shelvey 66), Colback, Toonsend, Sissoko, Wijnaldum (Perez 73, Cisse (Mitrovic 80)
A Toon flag next to the Swazee fans

Attendance: 48, 949 ( 500/600 or so Swanzee fans)      

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