Sunday 15 November 2015


Posted '11:45am bells' Sunday 15th November 2015

For those of yoo who have nevaa been <(and WE have!) 'The Toon's U18s' team are playin' Man U U18s @ Moss Lane, Altrincham on Munday neet @ '7 bells
The game waz moved from Man Us trainin' groond on Saturday to give the youngins some experience of playin' under floodlights az both teams will be doin so in their forthcomin' FA Youth Cup ties in December!
Taalkin' of which!---we have been drawn away to eetha Ilkeston Toon U18s or Shrewsbury Toon U18s who play each othaa on Wednesday neet for the right to face us in the 3rd roond of the competition---BOTH theeze groond are on wor 'wish list' az we havvent been to eethaa! 
The game haz to be played by December 19th and yoo can be sure that the NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers will be there to see it!

AND THEN!---this comin' Thorsday evenin' wor U15s side will face the SMBs U15s at Northern Leegue side Sooth Shields ground in Jarrow? which iz next to BEDE Metro station!---Alan Shearer will open some new function rooms at the Mariners Park groond (formerly Filtrona Park) so there iz sure to be a big crowd considerin' that Sooth Shields is 50% Toon and 50% mackem (and of course the appearance of Shearer will add a canny few more to the crowd!)

The game iz scheduled to kick off @ '6:30 bells' but iz NOT 'cast in stone' yet!

PS: Az this game haz been arranged at very short notice <(a'v just foond oot aboot it!) aa might struggle to get the day off work---but will try my utmost to get there, az, YES! ---a'v nevaa seen a Toon side play at that groond eethaa! <(Seen 'The Bad Blue Boys of Dunston' play there a few years ago, though!)

Update Tuesday:
The U18s won 2-1 @ Man U with Lewis McNall scorin' wor forst goal on the half hour mark before Man U equalised just before the break. Luke Charman got wor winner in the 70th minute!

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