Thursday 30 July 2015

105 (revisited) bootham crescent, york ************* THE KIT KAT CRESCENT CLAN 2 THE TOON 1 *** PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY 2015-2016

Posted 'high noon bells' Thorsday 30th July 2015

(Ground number 105 revisited)
Date of this visit: 29th July 2015
Bootham Crescent, York

York City 2
Newcastle United X1  1 (Perez)

Friendly fixture
Attendance 5,406 (2,048 Toon fans) <(plus 4 people watchin' from their bedroom windows beyond!)

"Definatly NOT the ticket!"

"Serves the bustard reet, for havin' a mackem coloured car!" ^^^
The short trip to NorthYorkshire ended in defeat against fourth tier York City <(aalso known by the above headin'---see article below!) when The Toon put oot a virtually entirely different team to the one who played @ Sheff U last Sunday!

Three of us includin' 'me' and 'Blondie Alan the Morris Dancer' travelled doon in 'Michael the Mag's' 'jam jar' and tried to find a parkin' space near the groond, but most of the streets were 'permit holders only'!
We foond one street that we thought was 'permit free' and decided to park there!---BUT hang on a minute!---there waz a bright red Mini 'parked up' and it had SIX! parkin' tickets stuck to the windscreen!---Time to find anothaa parkin' space, sharpish!---and we DID, not far away on the main road next to a church---checkin' of course to make sure it waz 'a permit free zone'!

It waz then off to the boozer at the top of the street for the customary pre- match 'gargels', before heedin' for a rain sodden Bootham Crescent and the OPEN away end!

Enterin' the groond waz like gannin' back to 'the dark ages' of 'The Gallowgate End terraces' and the 'tool sheds' were the same az 'The Gallowgate's' back in the 1970's!

The match kicked off and at the same time the rain started to get a bit more persistent <(ie: it waz P*SSIN' DOON!)
It waz aall 'The Toon' at forst, az we bombarded the far end for the forst goal of the game, with new boy Mitrovic gettin' hiz forst outing in a black n white shirt and missin' several chaces! 
Perez aalso went close orly on, but we couldn't make the breakthrough !
However!---- and in their forst attack of the half, the home side took the lead through Straker in the 16th minute after a disastrous mix up in wor defence by *new boy? Jamaal Lascelles, to send the home fans into 'wonderland' az he looped the baall ower Karl Darlow in The Toon goal! (*Lacelles waz on loan to Forest aall last season)

1st half action az The Toon attack the far goal
(4 people in the houses beyond are watchin' from their bedroom windows!)

It got worse of course just a few minutes later, az the torrential rain got heavier, when  'TRIALIST 'A' <(I kid yoo not!) fired a volley from the edge of the box past Darlow, to double York's lead and compound wor misery, az the rain started to soak through mee expensive 'waaterproof jacket'???
This resulted in quite a few Toon fans heedin' for the exits and an orlier than expected MID-match 'gargel'!

Thankfully the rain (and York goals!) eased off and we ended the half 2-0 doon!

We again came oot with 'aall guns blazin' in the 2nd half and finally got the breakthrough in the 75th when Perez tapped in from an Abeid corner kick, to send half the crowd of 5,000 plus into raptures <(whey!---muted cheers and light applause anyway!)

2nd half action in front of The Toon fans

That's the way it ended I'm afraid and York who had lost 2-0 to HARROGATE TOWN! just a few days orlier, now had a 'Premier Leegue scalp' to add to their 'mixed' pre-season results!

PS: The Toon DID win something however!---We managed to kick the baall oot of the groond THREE times, compared to York's TWO!
Lets hope this isn't an omen!

Toon team: Darlow (Elliot 46), Bigiramana, Satka, Lascelles, Ferguson, Abeid, Gouffran, Aarons (Kemen 58), De Jong, Perez, Mitrovic (Suddick 70) (Scroll doon page to compare this team to the one who play @ Sheff U)

Attendance: 5,406 (nearly half were from The Toon)  <(plus 4 'freebeez' watchin' from their bedroom windows!)  *
A view to die for!

Fascinatin' Footnotes:
Just ower the road from the groond iz St Peters School,
where, (believe it or not!) Guy Fawkes went to before
he attempted to burn the Houses of Parliament doon!

Bootham Crescent/Kit Kat Crescent:
Originally it waz called 'Bootham Crescent' and then
some idiot from the local chocolate factory, who were
the clubs sponsors at the time, decided to rename the
 groond KIT KAT CRESCENT! after the famous
chocolate wafer bar! (hence the above headin' for wor
At the time aa thought it waz 'a wind up', az surely that
couldn't be the groonds new name---but!---

Apart from a certain club caallin' their new groond after
Benfica's famous 'Stadium of Light' <(yi'll never
guess who?) this surely iz the most ridiculous name given
to a futbaall groond---EVER!

Thankfully York have since seen sense and changed the
name back to 'Bootham Crescent', a groond aa forst
visited to watch The Toon back in 1992, when we
WON 3-1 <(horray!) with wor goals comin' from
Kevin Sheedy, Gavin Peacock and Franz Carr!   

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