Friday 31 July 2015


Updated '12:47 pm bells Friday 31st July 2015

The Premyaa Leegue fixtures have been released and wor forst game will be at home to Sooothampton---BUT!--it haz be changed from Saturday to Sunday az they are in Europa Leegue action 2 days before we are due to play them!
We then face a 'continental trip' to Swanzee in sooth Wales a week later and then to 'The Theatre of Muppets' when we will play 'The Cockney Reds' a week after that!--We then finish off August with an 'eazy'? home game against 'The Arse'!

We face the SMBs away in October and at home in March,
we will visit Bournmoooth in November for a Saturday '12:45 bells' kick off <( nice that they are thinkin' aboot the travellin' fans for once?)while they must travel to wor place in March next year!
Amazingly  every game this year waz originally on a Saturday <(SKY, BT and clubs in Europe have ensured that this iz NOT now the case!) until the last game in 2015 when we are away to The Baggie Troosers of West Brom on a Munday
'The Geordie Times' predicts that at least 25 of wor 38 fixtures will be moved

We roond off the season with anothaa home fixture against Sporz in May---the anly game that cannit be changed!

Games moved so far for Europe and live telly--- 8 oot of 14

(Aall games listed are '3 bells' kick offs unless stated!)
Key: Home games in gold (SJP) St James' Park---
Away games in pink 

Sun 9th: Sooothampton @ SJP @ 1:30 bells
Sat 15th: Swanzee away
Sat 22nd Manc Muppets away @12:45 bells, live on BT
W/C Mon 24th Aug: Leegue Cup 2nd roond 
Sat 29th The Arse @ SJP @12:45 bells, live on BT

Mon 14th: The Jellied Eels Mob away @ 8:00 bells, live on SKY 
Sat 19th: Wotfad @ SJP
Sat 26th: Chelski @ SJP @ 5:30 bells, live on SKY

Sat 3rd: Manc Blue Moonies away
Sun 18th: The Canary Custards @ SJP @ 4:00 bells (SKY)
Sun 25th: SMBs away @ 'high noon bells' (SKY) 
Sat 31st: The P*ss Potters @ SJP

Sat 7th: Bournemoooth away @ 12:45 bells (BT)
Sat 21st: The Basil Brush Brigade @ SJP
Sat 28th: The Crystal Balls away

Live games for December will be picked on or before September 17th (Alledgedleeee!) 

Sat 5th: The Liverbirds @ SJP
Sat 12th: Sporz away < (WILL be changed az Sporz play in Europe 2 days before!)
Sat 19th: The Hazbeenz and Villians @ SJP
Sat 26th: The Toffee Noses @ SJP
Mon 28th: The Baggie Troosers away

Live games for January will be picked on or before October 19th

January 2016:
Sat 2nd: The Arse away
W/E Sat 9th: FA Cup 3rd roond
Wed 13th : The Manc Muppets @ SJP (7:45 bells)
Sat 16th: The Jellied Eels Mob @ SJP
Sat 23rd: Wotfad away

Live games for February will be picked on or before November 17th

Wed 3rd: The Toffee Noses away (7:45 bells)
Sat 6th: The Baggie Troosers @ SJP
Sat 13th: Chelski away
Sat 27th: Manc Blue Moonies @ SJP

Live games for March will be picked on or before January 5th

Wed 2nd: The P*ss Potters @ SJP (7:45 bells)
Sat 5th: Bournemoooth @ SJP
Sat 12th: The Basil Brush Brigade away
Sat 19th: The SMBs @ SJP

Live games for April will be picked on or before February 3rd

Sat 2nd: The Canary Custards away
Sat 9th: Sooothampton away
Sat 16th: Swanzee @ SJP
Sat 23rd: The Liverbirds away
Sat 30th: The Crystal Balls @ SJP

Live games for May will be picked on or before March 23rd

Sat 7th: The Hazbeenz and Villians away
Sun 15th: Sporz @ SJP <(CAN'T be moved)

Most of the above fixtures WILL be changed when the ravages of telly coverage and postponed games, due to othaaz playin' in Europe, are annoonced

PS: 'The Geordie Times' doesn't want to be 'done' for copyright, so yi'll have to work oot for yorsels the above teams which are in 'Geordie Cryptic Code'!

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