Friday, 15 January 2016


We've had so many requests aboot wor iconic? Tyne bridges logo, that we decided to get some quality 'Fruit of the Loom' T shirts printed with the '7 bridges logo' on the front, screen printed in white! 
(These are the 7 bridges that span the sacred River Tyne between The Toon and Gatesheed!---just in case yiz didn't naa!)

"Be part of the 'IN' crowd!"--------"Get your designer T shirt NOW!"

We have 50  for sale in various sizes from SMAALL to XL---aall in black! 

BAIRNS SIZES (SOLD OOT!) (made on request) 
(We intend to de bairns sizes az well on request, ages 1 to 6 years old and de them in 3 colours--Black, Blue and Pink <(for the gorls!)

Because of aall the logistics <(we naa aall the big words!) involved in sendin' them by post we have decided to sell them in person instead!

CLOSE UP VIEW OF LOGO (under copyright to Geordie Times)
(From top to bottom)
Redheugh bridge * King Edward bridge * QE 2 Metro bridge *
High Level bridge * Swing bridge * Tyne bridge * Millennium bridge 

Unfortunatly, some 'very nice person'? haz hacked into the e mail address we had planned to use, sendin' malicious viruses to try and knack wor computaa--so reluctantly we have had to withdraw the address until we can sort sommik else oot!

If yoo would like one of these iconic T shirts  pleeze 'click' and leave a message in the 'comments box' below (ne anonymous comments allowed) ---Aalso we will be in 'The Newcastle Arms' before the West Ham match tomorrow from 'high noon bells' til 12:30 and then 'The Bodega' til 1:30 and finally 'The Earl of Pitt Street' (in Pitt Street) near SJP from 1:45 bells onwards
Just ask who 'Fink' iz if yoo divvint naa me!

The price per T shirt iz £10 and they are made by a local supplier in the heart of The Toon!